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Alsace Grand Cru

Highest appellation in the French wine region Alsace that are a class above normal AOC Alsace stands. The name is "Alsace Grand Cru" followed by an indication of the location on label, Although it was adopted in 1975, the first list of 25 locations was only published in 1983. In 1992 a new regulation came into force, at that time 50 locations in 47 municipalities were classified. The size fluctuates considerably, it is between 3.2 at Kanzlerberg up to 80 hectares at Schlossberg, An important prerequisite for the classification was or is above all the geological uniformity within a location.

Since this is probably the most famous Alsatian location Kaefferkopf does not apply, after decades of discussions it was only considered from the 2007 vintage. Another requirement is wines from only the grape varieties Gewurztraminer, Muscat d'Alsace ( Muscat Blanc ) Pinot gris (formerly Tokay Pinot Gris), Riesling and as an exception Sylvaner, The wines have two exceptions unmixed be pressed. In the layers Altenberg de Bergheim and Kaefferkopf have been since the 2007 vintage cuvées authorized. As another exception, since the 2005 vintage has been able to Zotzenberg the Sylvaner variety is also permitted.

The plots must be planted (since 2001) with a minimum density of 4,500 vines per hectare. The basic maximum yield is 55 hl / ha, which can be increased annually depending on the weather by 20% to a maximum of 66 hl / ha. Machine reading is prohibited, it must be done by hand. Different for each grape variety and location, the wines must have a minimum alcohol content of between 11 and 14% vol. The wines can also be grown as "Vendange Tardive" (late harvest) or "Sélection de Grains Nobles" (from noble rot grapes).

The vineyards of all Grands Crus cover a total of around 1,700 hectares of vineyards. The production volume of Grand Cru wines is only 4% of Alsace. The best-known producers are listed among the Grands Crus, which include Dirler-Cadé. Hugel et Fils. Kuentz-Bas. Domaines Schlumberger and Trimbach, Administratively, Alsace is divided into two departments. These are southern Haut-Rhin (Upper Rhine), which is considered to be a better wine region, and Bas-Rhin (Lower Rhine), located to the north. The 51 Grands Crus are:






Altenberg de Bergbieten 29 Riesling, GT, PG, Mu Bergbieten BR
Altenberg de Bergheim 35 GT, Riesling, cuvée Bergheim MR
Altenberg de Wolxheim 32 Riesling, GT Wolxheim BR
fire 58 GT, Muscat, Riesling Turckheim MR
Bruderthal 18 Riesling, GT, PG, Mu Molsheim BR
Eichberg 58 Riesling, GT, PG Eguisheim MR
Engelberg 15 GT, Riesling, PG, Mu Dahlenheim, Scharrachbergheim BR
Florimont 21 GT, Riesling, Mu, PG Ingersheim, Katzenthal MR
Frank stone 56 Riesling, GT Dambach-la-Ville BR
Froehn 15 GT, PG, Muscat Zellenberg MR
Principality 31 Riesling, GT, PG Kientzheim, Sigolsheim MR
Geisberg 8th Riesling ribeauvillé MR
Gloeckelberg 23 Pinot Gris, GT Rodern, Saint Hippolyte MR
Goldert 45 GT, Mu, PG, Riesling gueberschwihr MR
Hatschbourg 47 GT, PG, Riesling, Mu Hattstadt, Voegtlinshoffen MR
stallion 78 GT, Mu, PB, Riesling Wintzenheim MR
Kaefferkopf 72 GT, PB, PG, Rie, Cuvée ammerschwihr MR
Kanzlerberg 3.2 PG, GT, Riesling Bergheim MR
Kastelberg 6 Riesling, GT, PG Andlau BR
Kessler 29 GT, PG, Riesling Guebwiller MR
Kirchberg de Barr 41 GT, Riesling, PG Barr BR
Kirchberg de Ribeauvillé 11 Riesling, Mu, GT, PG Riebauvillé MR
Kitterlé 26 Riesling, GT, PG Guebwiller MR
Mambourg 62 GT, PG, Mu, Riesling sigolsheim MR
Mandelberg 22 GT, Riesling, PG, Mu Beblenheim, Mittelwihr MR
Marckrain 54 Gewürztraminer, PG Bennwihr, Sigolsheim MR
Moenchberg 12 Riesling, PG Andlau, Eichhoffen BR
Muenchberg 18 Riesling Nothalten BR
Ollwiller 36 Riesling, GT Wuenheim MR
Osterberg 25 Riesling, GT, PG ribeauvillé MR
Pfersigberg (Pfirsigberg) 75 GT, PG, Riesling, Mu Eguisheim, Wettolsheim MR
Pfingstberg 28 GT, Riesling, PG, Mu orschwihr MR
Praelatenberg 19 Riesling, PG, GT, Mu Kintzheim, Orschwiller BR
Rangen 19 Riesling, PG, GT Thann, Vieux-Thann MR
Rosacker 26 GT, Riesling hunawihr MR
Saering 27 Riesling, Mu, GT, PG Guebwiller MR
Schlossberg 80 Riesling, PG, GT, Mu Kientzheim, Kaysersberg MR
Schoenbourg 53 Riesling, Muscat, PG Riquewihr, Zellberg MR
summer mountain 29 Riesling, GT, Mu, PG Katzenthal, Niedermorschwihr MR
sunshine 33 Pinot Gris, GT beblenheim MR
mirror 18 GT, PG, Riesling, Mu Bergholtz, Guebwiller MR
spore 24 GT, Pinot Gris Riquewihr MR
Steinert 39 GT, PG, Riesling Pfaffenheim, Westhalten MR
Steingrubler 23 Riesling, GT wettolsheim MR
Steinklotz 41 PG, Riesling, GT Marlenheim BR
Vorbourg 73 Riesling, GT, PG, Mu Rouffach, Westhalten MR
Wiebelsberg 13 Riesling Andlau BR
Wineck-Schlossberg 27 Riesling, GT Ammerschwihr, Katzenthal MR
Winzenberg 19 Riesling, GT, PG blienschwiller BR
Zinnkoepflé 69 GT, PG, Riesling Soultzmatt, Westhalten MR
Zotzenberg 37 GT, Riesling, PG, Syl Mittelbergheim BR

Alscae Grand Cru - map of Alsace and map with the Grands Crus

Left: From Domenico-de-ga , CC BY-SA 3.0 , link
Right picture: From DalGobboM ¿! I? - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 , Link
edited by Norbert FJ Tischelmayer - January 2019

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