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Aphids (Aphidoidea) are among the plant lice with 3000 known species, of which live in Central Europe about 850 in many colors and sizes. All feed on plant sap. Many of them specialize in very specific plants - for example the im viniculture probably the most dangerous kind - the phylloxera that exclusively the Rebstock attacks. They also change their appearance over the course of the year, the life cycle is very complex. The winged aphids provide for distribution, the next, ungulate generations are relatively fixed and form very dense colonies very quickly. As a plant sucker, the animals are equipped with a Stechrüssel. The aphids feed on by piercing and subsequent sucking of juices Scroll and also roots. As a defense reaction of the plants form Gallen (Growths) on leaves or roots.

Aphids leaf louse with honeydew and bean aphids

Some species give harmful, sugary honeydew (Excrement) on the leaves. If insects do not harvest it, the sugary juice is quickly colonized by soot thymes. These fungi do not directly damage the plant, but they can photosynthesis hinder. infested shoots and leaves often grow crippled and stunted. They are the main carriers of various plants virus, Natural enemies of aphids are certain ant species, lacewing. ladybug. assassin bug and ichneumon fly, Honeydew is a popular food source for various insects such as ants, bees and wasps as well as vertebrates, who feed on the sweet juice or use it as complementary food. Certain ant species (Formicidae) Begging the honeydew, keeping aphids like dairy cows and protecting them from predators (trophobiosis).

Aphids - ants milking from the aphids honeydew

The picture shows some Asian ladybugs hunting black bean aphids. In the video clip (click to view) a larva of the ladybird can be seen, which consumes or sucks up to 50 aphids a day. See also a complete listing of all diseases and pests below Vine enemies,

Aphids - Asian ladybugs hunt black bean aphids

Aphids Pink and Black: From FRANCO PATRIZIA on Pixabay
Ants milk aphids: From Jerzy Górecki on Pixabay
Asian Ladybug: Picture by Myriam Zilles on Pixabay

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