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aphrodisiac (GB)
aphrodisiaque (F)
afrodisíaco (ES)
afrodisiaco (I)
afrodisíaco (PO)
afrodisiaca (N)

Wine (or alcohol in general) in moderate quantity as a "sex-stimulating agent" has always played a very important role as a "love potion" in cultural history (alongside many other, often more superstitious means). Significantly, the Romans (the Greek Dionysos appropriate) Bacchus the god of fertility, ecstasy and wine. Undeniably, the positive effect is through Weingenuss in the interpersonal sphere. One is more willing to give in to one's feelings, to reduce inhibitions, to throw aside prejudices, and to be more open and substantially more communicative - always provided that one enjoys wine moderately and intellectually. Apart from this aspect of socialization, wine also acts directly on the human hormone system. This is due to the numerous in the wine pheromones (Sexual fragrances) triggered. There is a stimulation of thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas and sexual organs.

Aphrodisiac - woman with glass / overturned red wine ginger with text

With low consumption of Wine or. alcohol the libido (sex drive) is stimulated. Alcohol increases the production of estrogen (female sex hormones) and strengthens the effect. This effect can have a positive effect on menopausal women (menopause). Menopause-retained estrogen levels increase the risk of osteoporosis. Moderate wine consumption raises estrogen levels and at least contributes to normalization. Concerns that moderate wine consumption in men harms the sperm are unfounded. This claim has never been scientifically proven. There are innumerable remarks and poetic verses about the aphrodisiac effects of the wine by artists, poets and other personalities. Also the famous greek doctor Hippocrates 460 to 377 BC Chr.) Reports about it. A particularly beautiful remark comes from the Roman poet ovid (43 BC to 8 AD), further examples are under Quotes contain. See also the keywords intoxication. Satyricon. symposium and drinking culture,

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