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Term for the type of formation of the annual shoots, Depending on the length of the shoots or at pruning left on it eyes (Buds) there are different names. A very short shoot is called a cone (1 to 3 eyes), a medium-length shoot is called a stretcher (4 to 7 eyes) and a very long shoot is called a tail (8 to 15 eyes). The new, fruit-bearing shoots (summer shoots) develop from the eyes.

However, there is no uniform standardization in this regard, the number of eyes is often slightly different locally. The term bow is also used for both the straightener and the tail. And stretcher is a name for the medium-length shoot and also for the shape of the flat arch. The left shoots are formed and with the Wire frame support fixed (bending). The individual forms are typical of different educational systems. Today the flat or semi-arch is mostly used.

Flat bow (stretcher) : The shoot is placed on the wire or wrapped around it. With the double flat arch (double stretcher, double stretcher), one drive is guided to the right and one to the left

Half-arch : The shoot is formed in a semicircle over two bending wires 15 to 20 cm away and fixed to the lower wire. Depending on the growth strength, there are one or two semi-arches or a double arch.

Pendulum arch : Is a semi-arch with very wide bending wire distances of over 30 cm. The sloping arch part is mostly bent vertically, which is like a pendulum. With certain forms of upbringing, the long shoot is also left hanging freely. As the drive load increases, the entire bow “swings” downwards.

Whole arch (round arch) : The shape comes with a stick education like that Mosel pile education to use. A long shoot (also Bügling) is strongly bent and the end attached to the stick. With two shoots, this results in a heart shape (hence heart cut). A mixed form with half and full arches is or was one of the many variants of the, especially in the former Eastern Bloc countries high culture,

Bow - different shapes

In a video (click to view) from DWI (German Wine Institute) is cutting and subsequent baste (Attaching) a half-arch to the bending wire using semi-automatic binding pliers. See also under the keywords training system (Systems) and Weingarten Care (Activities).

Cut, bend half-bends, staple

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Graphic 4: By Bauer Karl - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link

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