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Asian ladybug

asian lady beetle (GB)

Also known as polychrome ladybug or Harlequin ladybird (Latin Harmonia axyridis) insect belongs to the family of ladybug, The second name is derived from the extremely variable coloring of the cover wings in many variants between light yellow and dark red. For wintering, they often find themselves in large groups together. The (mostly 19) black spots may be so pronounced that it appears as if a black beetle is carrying red spots. He is taller than the European species and therefore stands for this in connection with the ecological Balance is a serious threat. The beetle is originally from China and Japan and in the late 20th century, first in the US and later in Europe as well Nützling used for biological pest control against, for example, the soybean aphid. Only later did it become apparent that the insect is a particular problem in viticulture. It falls in the late summer in the vineyards and feeds at the time of vintage from the sugar of damaged grapes.

Asian ladybug - beetle and life cycle

If he is in the Press gets its yellow-orange hemolymph (body fluid) into the mash or the grape over, which can lead to considerable losses in terms of wine quality. The wine gets because namely an unpleasant astringent and as bitter paprika-like and nutty designated flavor. In the northeast of the United States and in Canada For the first time in 2001 there were problems during the harvest. Meanwhile, he is represented on the entire east coast and can already be found in the middle US states. The first copy in Europe was also found in Belgium in 2001. Since then, the species has spread rapidly and it is feared that other (useful) ladybug species are displaced. Since 2002 he has been sighted in masses in West Germany and since 2004 he is also found in parts of France, Italy and southern England. There is still no effective fight. See also below Vine enemies,

Asian ladybugs eat aphids

Ladybird: By Andreas Trepte - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5 , Link
Ladybug larvae: Von Pudding4brains - Own work, Public domain , Link
Asian Ladybug: Picture by Myriam Zilles on Pixabay

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