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to centrifuge (GB)
centrifuger (F)
centrifugare (I)
Designation for a process (also Klärschleudern, separating), with which by means of mechanical centrifuges (separators) under the use of centrifugal force (centrifugal force) certain particles are removed from a liquid. Depending on the type of centrifuge, the 4,000- to 6,000-fold gravity is generated. In viticulture, especially in larger companies different devices made of stainless steel are used. The wine or must is pumped into the separator, accelerated to revolution speed and flows through holes in the plate package upwards. The heavy sediments migrate through the centrifugal force on the plate bottom to the outside, the clarified (lighter) wine or must flows inward. Depending on the separation principle or technique, there are chamber separators (closed systems) and self-cleaning plate separators.

In the case of the chamber separators, the process must be interrupted after the sludge space has been completed, the separator opened and emptied. By contrast, with the plate separator, the accumulated debris is thrown off by regular brief opening of the chamber and stopping of the liquid feed. These devices are used at various stages of winemaking. This is 1. removing the debris from the must after the Press even before the fermentation (see also under degumming 2. a desired fermentation interruption by removing the yeasts, as well as 3. the clarify of young wine after fermentation. A disadvantage of the highly effective method could be that even (unwanted) fine rub is removed. As an alternative to centrifuging, there are similar, sometimes more gentle methods, such as filtration and flotation,

Complete listings of the numerous cellar techniques, as well as the wine-regulated wine, sparkling wine and distillate types are under winemaking contain. Comprehensive information on wine law is available under the keyword wine law,

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