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Important German sparkling wine brand, whose origins lie in a wine trade founded by Johann Friedrich Deinhard (1772-1827) in Koblenz in 1794. Viticulture was started by the family in the growing area Moselle but operated long before. In a preserved document he expressed himself very positively about the vintage 1811, the wines of this vintage developed in Germany to " comet vintages ", The legendary 1811er, Deinhard wines were exported to England from 1825 and the first foreign branch was founded there ten years later. The wines were shipped halfway across the world via the port of London. Anton Jordan (1804-1890) was responsible for this, as he was the only one of the staff who knew the English language.

After the founder's death, his son August Deinhard (1806-1865) became a partner together with the two partners Karl Tesche and Friedrich Wincelius. August Deinhard married Wilhelmine Therese Engel, who brought additional assets to the company. Jordan married August's sister and the company now operated under the name Deinhard & Jordan after Tesche left the company. August's younger brothers Carl and later Charles (1809-1850) and Friedrich took over the international business in England and Holland. With the establishment of a factory in 1843, the company entered sparkling wine production.

Johann Friedrich Deinhard / headquarters in Koblenz

Julius Wegeler (1836-1913) joined the company in 1857 and was responsible for exporting to England, Belgium and the Netherlands. He was very successful and a "Sparkling Moselle" was exported to Burma, India and Sumatra. It established a branch for overseas activities in New York and successfully participated in world exhibitions in Philadelphia, Sydney and Melbourne. Julius Wegener, now married to the Deinhard daughter Emma, was appointed to the management in 1864, took over the parent company in Koblenz and was involved in the company. The company has now been renamed Deinhard & Co. After the early death of August Deinhard, Wegener took over the management of the company with his brother Karl and later brother-in-law Johann Jacob Hasslacher.

By buying a winery in Rheingau He started viticulture in 1882 and founded what is now the family winery Privy Councilor J. Wegeler Heirs, In 1888, under the major initiative of Julius Wegeler, the "Cabinet Sect" brand was created; the name sparkling wine (see the origin there) was already established. At that time, such a bottle cost the proud price of 9 marks. This brand is still produced under the name "Deinhard Cabinet". Exports expanded and large quantities went to the United States. From 1892 the patent for the process developed by the Englishman Walford for the dégorgement (Removing the yeast set) acquired and introduced by Deinhard as the first German sparkling wine manufacturer.

In 1910 the new "Deinhard Lila" brand came onto the market, which is still part of the company's standard range. After the Second World War almost had to start all over again, the first production took place in 1948. In addition to the existing “Deinhard dry white wine” brand, “Deinhard dry red wine” was created in 2001. The trading house and the sparkling wine cellar opened in 1997 Henkell sold. The wineries, which are spread over three locations, are jointly managed Privy Councilor J. Wegeler Heirs but remain in family ownership. Dr. Andreas Deinhardstein (1845-1907) Winning Winery (Deidesheim-Pfalz) had already been sold in 1917.

Image: By Holger Weinandt - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link

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