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Former name of the vine subgenus Vitis (Vitis subg. Vitis); see below Vines systematics,

The grapevine is according to the botanical taxonomy (hierarchical classification) according to the table below in the organism system. There are different systems, some with different levels or designations. Among other things, Professor Dr. Bernhard Husfeld (1900-1970), the head of the institute dated Geilweilerhof (Siebeldingen-Pfalz), a widely recognized system. Another was made in 1967 by the French ampelographer Pierre Galet (1921-2019).


The following system is based on a modern plant system. University professor Dr. Manfred A. Fischer (Department of Botanical Systematics and Evolutionary Research, Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Wien , Austria) and the German graduate biologist and vine researcher Andreas Young,


Lat. Bez.

Grapevine - Explanations

domain - Eukarya (organisms with a real cell nucleus)
rich regnum Chlorobionta (chlorophyll plants) or Viridiplantae
Underdark subregnum Archegoniatae (archegonium plants) or embryophyta
About department superdiviso Tracheophyta (vascular plants)
Department diviso Spermatophyta (seed plants)
subdivision subdiviso Angiospermophytina (bedecktsamer)
great classis Rosopsida (three-furrow pollen-dicotyledonous)
Subclass subclassis Rosidae (rose plants)
order ordo Vitales
family familia Vitaceae (vines or grapevines)
genus genus Vitis (grapevines)
there are 13 more, but only Vitis is suitable for viticulture
subgenus subgenus Vitis subg. Vitis (formerly euvitis) - comprises around 60 species
Vitis subg. Muscadinia - comprises 2 to 3 species
Species / species species Vitis vinifera - only 1 species with two (three) subspecies
Vitis abcdef - around 30 species - Asian varieties
Vitis abcdef - around 30 species - American varieties
subspecies subspecies Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris (European wild wine vine)
Vitis vinifera subsp. caucasica (wild boar)
Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera (Edelrebe) - European varieties
variety varietas is reserved for wild vine populations (not cultivated vines)
shape forma is reserved for wild vine populations (not cultivated vines)
Variety / cultivar - Cabernet Sauvignon. Riesling. Traminer - 3 out of around 10,000

Historical development

The genus Vitis, to which it belongs, is probably over 130, the grape-bearing variant Vitis vinifera probably over 80 million years old (there were still dinosaurs). The vine was over 79.99 million years old dioecious, that is, male and female organs were arranged on separate plants. It has only been in the last maybe 10,000 years that humans have zwitterblütigen Variants because of their much higher income security selected and heavily grown. The hermaphrodite flower shape thus corresponds, so to speak, only to the last milliseconds of the vine evolution. But this also means that genetics are mainly shaped by the period of 79.99 million years. With the many spontaneous ones intersections that have arisen over time were created by the heterozygous Characteristic (split inheritance) of the vines the characteristics of the offspring clearly different from the parents and led to a variety of varieties.


The grapevine belongs to the order of the...

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