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Term for a spirit made exclusively by alcoholic fermentation and distillation a fresh fleshy fruit or the fresh must of this fruit (with or without stones), berries or vegetables. The sales name is Brand , preceded by the name of the starting product such as apple brandy, pear brandy (Williams only if this type of pear is used), fig brandy, cherry brandy (or cherry), mirabelle brandy, peach brandy, plum brandy (or Slibowitz), grape brandy, rowanberry brandy and juniper berry brandy. The slang term Edelbrand has no legal meaning and means no difference in terms of production technology or quality.

Brand - 8 different Gölles fruit / berry brandies

Fruit and berry brandies

A fruit brandy can also be preceded by the name of the fruit used as water , such as. B. Cherry water. The addition of alcohol is not permitted. Certain fruits can result in a low alcohol yield. During fermentation, this is allowed up to a maximum of 20 liters ethanol of agricultural origin or a distillate of the same fruit per 100 kilograms of the fruit. After a corresponding development period, the mash becomes one distillation subjected. These are primarily berry fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, rose hips, blueberries, raspberries, elderberries, currants, rowan berries and grapes, These may also be used as a spirit in connection with the name of the raw material, such as. B. Raspberry spirit. The distillation must be done at less than 86% vol in order to preserve the aroma of the distilled raw materials. The minimum alcohol content is 37.5% vol. No one is allowed flavoring respectively. In stone fruit fires, the hydrocyanic acid of the stones can cause a relatively high amount of the problematic substance ethyl carbamate be formed.

Brand - 8 different Gölles fruit / berry brandies

special fire

Fires are also made from wine and various by-products from winemaking. These are Hefebrand (Fermentation residues), grape brandy (grape mash), Tresterbrand (Press residues) and brandy (Wine). In France and Luxembourg is the name for fires Eau-de-vie common. As cigar Brand are barrel-stored spirits called during storage wood flavors take up. The resulting sweet, woody note is particularly popular with smokers. That is why such distillates are often consumed with cigars. This includes all in barrels oak or chestnut wood products.

Brand - cigar brand - glass and cigars

Additional information

Complete lists of the numerous vinification measures or cellar techniques, as well as the various types of wine, sparkling wine and distillate regulated by wine law are under the keyword winemaking contain. There is extensive wine law information under the keyword wine law,

Fruit / berry brandies: Gölles GmbH - Riegersburg Austria
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Cigar brand: by annca from Pixabay

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