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Gigante Branco

Synonym (also Branco Gigante, Gigante) for the grape variety Gouais blanc; look there.

The white grape probably comes from France. Around 180 Synonyms testify to the high age and wide distribution of the vine in Europe. The most important alphabetically grouped by country are Bauernweinbeer, Bettschisser, Borzenauer, Branestraube, Brown, Brown Grape, Burgergger, Burger, Dick White, Dickwiss, Frankenthaler, Coarse, Coarse Acid, Coarse Wine, Grobweisser, Hensch, Heunisch, Heinisch, Heinsch, Hensch, Hentschler , Heunscher, Heunschler, Hinschen, Hintsch, Hunnentraube, Hunsch, Hunsch, Hunschrebe, Huntsch, Hynsch, Hyntsch, Kleinberger, Laxier grape, flour white, Quadler, shit grape, Thalburger, Thalburger Grünling, Weiß Zapfner, Weißgrobe, Weißstock, Wippacher ( Germany and or Austria ); Blanc de Serres, Bon Blanc, Bouillan, Bouillaud, Bouilleaud, Enfariné Blanc, Foirard, Gauche Blanc, Goe, Goet, Goez, Goix, Goth, Gouche, Gouche Blanche, Gouest Sauge, Gouet Blanc, Gouette, Gouget Blanc, Goys, Gros Blanc, Gueuche Blanc, Lisoera, Lombard Blanc, Moreau Blanc, Mouillet, Petit Gouge, Plant de Séchex, Plant Madame, President, Provereau Blanc, Verdet, Verdin Blanc, Vionnier ( France ); Blanció, Liseiret, Preveiral ( Italy ); Belina, Belina Drobna, Krapinska Belina, Pikanina Bijela ( Croatia ); Gigante Branco ( Portugal ); Gouais Jaune, Gwäss ( Switzerland ); Hajnos ( Hungary ).

Gouais Blanc / White Heunisch - Weingarten

Despite seemingly indicative synonyms or morphological She may not share similarities with the varieties Orleans (Hartheunisch) or Ranfol be confused. The numerous grape varieties with name part "Heunisch" are not all related. Most of them have no meaning and are only in vineyards for historical reasons (eg Geilweilerhof and Domaine de Vassal ). The variety Gouais Blanc (France) is genetically identical to Weißer Heunisch (Germany), although the development has been different.

Many of the synonyms mentioned above have been used in part "criss-cross" for several types of Heunisch. The German name Heunisch comes from the early Middle Ages and was allegedly first mentioned in the 11th century with "hunisce druben". He associates with the Huns and that they should have brought them to Europe. However, this hypothesis is difficult to prove. For many centuries, the terms "Heunisch" (for "coarse") and " Frankish "(For" fine ") the only wine or quality designations and have not referred to a particular variety. A reliable mention was made in 1546 in the famous "Kreutzer book" of Jerome buck (1498-1554: "The big, fat (thick) Hynian grapes, which, for the sake of their rapid fermentation, are given by a few shit grapes." The varieties of the Heunisch group:

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