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gray mold

grey mould (GB)
rot gris (F)
marcium grigio (I)

German name (also gray mold) for the mold Botrytis; look there.

Most commonly used abbreviation for Botrytis cinerea (synonym Botryotinia fuckeliana) for what in German is called gray mold rot (also gray rot, gray mold, acid rot) or positively occupied as noble fungus or noble rot mold from the genus Botrytis. It belongs to the tubular mushrooms and spreads vegetatively over the so-called conidia (spore shape). Depending on the stage of ripeness or the affected areas on the vine, it is also known as a botrytis, stem botrytis or grape botrytis. It was already described in the 18th century and occurs in all temperate climates around the world. Wine-growing regions with geographic and climatic conditions that are particularly favorable for infestation Sauterne (France), Rheingau (Germany), Lake Neusiedl (Austria) and Tokaj (Hungary). Over 200 host plants are known. Bulbs, vegetables, ornamental plants and vines, Young grapes are necotrophic (lethal), older ones biotrophic (host organism stays alive longer).

Botrytis - early stage of a Riesling grape

At the Rebstock all parts except the trunk and the perennial wood are affected, but preferred blossoms (if the fungus occurs at this point) and berries. Because there is a sufficient supply of sugar and nitrogen-containing compounds. The name gray mold comes from the characteristic gray mushroom lawn that covers the affected parts of the plant. In the case of heavy grape infestation, it can be observed that when the reading container is emptied, a gray cloud consisting of the fungal spores rises. In viniculture, botrytis is feared on the one hand, but on the other hand "at the right time" is also very desirable. Under appropriate environmental conditions, the noble rot mainly desired in white wine varieties arises. This is a prerequisite for noble sweet White wine specialties such as outbreak. choice. Beerenauslese and (a must under wine law) Trockenbeerenauslese, Due to the high sugar content, the botrytis wines are among the sweet wines, With these is the...

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