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The famous poet (1324-1390) is considered the greatest poet of Persia ( Iran ). His real name was Mohammed Shams ed-Din. Hafis or Hafes means "keeper" and was a rarely given honorary name for those who knew the Qur'an by heart and were able to recite it accurately and literally. Other names were "holy fool" and "Rose of Shiraz". He lived and died in the city of Shiraz (mistakenly considered the origin of the species Syrah where he is buried under a temple-like pavilion. In his time, he was considered the greatest connoisseur of the Koran and Islamic law. In his songs and poems, he not only glorified Allah and the Koran, but also sang the beauty of nature, the love of women, wine, to give, as well as song and dance. He loved life in all its fullness and sensuality and exuberantly praised it in his poems. He mocked the letters pious with his tongue, so the Islamic clerics persecuted him for his "blasphemous speeches" and accused him of heresy and blasphemy. His verses are written in the special, oriental poem Ghasel (Gespinst).

Hafis in front of the tavern (Anselm Feuerbach) / Hafis-Goethe monument in Weimar with poem

His most famous poem is called "To the Wine" and goes as follows: "As a bride as fragrant and as fiery as my passion, you shine from the cup towards me, sweet wine. Like a bride, I want to love you in a flattering way, how my passion ought to flow from you, flowing into my mind. On top of that I want to write down a few verses. Full of imagination, only verses consecrated to you. I want to give you everything that you gave me in the deepest blessedness . " Hafis wished to be buried in a barrel of wine. After his death, his complete works were collected in a "Dīwān" (poetry collection) and later translated or nachgedichtet. This inspired Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), who regarded Hafis as a spiritual twin soul, for his "West-Eastern Divan" and moved him to the statement: "Granted! The poets of the East are taller than those of the Occident . " Another famous Persian poet and wine lover was Omar Khayyam,

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