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Popular single layer designation in Germany. In addition to the four below described in detail, there are individual layers of this name even in the Gemeindenbzw. Growing areas Bretzfeld, Dimbach, Hertmannsweiler, Langenbeutingen (all Württemberg), Krum (Franconia), Schwabbach, Siebeneich (Württemberg), St. Aldegund (Moselle), Stettfeld (Baden), Waldbach (Württemberg) and Zeutern (Baden).

Graach Moselle (Bernkastel)

The name derives from one Celtic Term for "small hill". Only later did it become Christian. This also symbolizes the high and exposed location. The present size did not appear until 1922, when a summary of 70 on only 16 layer names took place. The south-facing vineyards in 110 to 260 meters above sea level with 50 to 65% slope cover 57 hectares of vineyards. The medium-sized, stony clay shale weathering soils are partly crossed by blue slate. The picture shows the municipality of Graach with its individual layers Abtsberg, Domprobst, Kingdom of heaven and Josephshöfer,

Here is mainly the variety Riesling cultivated, largely in traditional Mosel pile education (Single pile education) in part ungrafted is grown. Shares in the situation have for example the wineries Bernard-Kieren. Episcopal wineries Trier. Dr. F. Wine Prüm. Dr. Leimbrock - C. Schmidt. Dr. Loosen. Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler. Friedrich-core. Friedrich-Wilhelm Gymnasium. Privy Councilor J. Wegeler Erben. Joh. Jos. Prüm. Kees-Kieren. Kerpen. Max Ferd. judge. Molitor. Philipps-Eckstein. SA Prüm. Schaefer Willi. Castle Lieser. Schömann Martin. Selbach-Oster. Studert-Prüm and Wwe. H. Thanisch Erben Müller-Burggraef,

Gundelsheim - Wuerttemberg (Württembergisch Unterland)

The mainly west to southeast aligned vineyards with 10 to 75% Hangeigung cover 44 hectares of vines on brownish weathered limestone soils. The winegrower Johann Philipp Bronner (1792-1864) described her in 1837 as a "wonderful wine situation". In the three-acre south-southwest facing core layer, dry stone walls of up to six meters in height pile up one above the other, interspersed with crossbars and linked by a jumble of squadrons and stairs. Shares in the situation, for example, has the state winery vineyard,

Herxheim on the mountain - palatinate (Mittelhaardt-German Wine Route)

The south-facing vineyards with 5 to 10% slope cover 52 hectares of vineyards. The strongly changing soils consist of loams, sandy loams and limestone weathering rocks. Among other things, the varieties Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Silvaner, Traminer and Pinot Noir are cultivated here. Shares in the situation, for example, have members of Winzergenossenschaft Herxheim am Berg as well as the wineries Benderhof. Bohnenstiel. Fork Oliver & Wolfgang. Cancer Harald. Petri and Schumacher,

Zeltingen-Rachtig - Moselle (Bernkastel)

In 1955, after this situation, a folk operetta by Werner Stamm was composed, which deals with wine, love and homeland and which is performed every two years in Zeltingen-Rachtig. The oriented to the southwest, west-northwest and east vineyards with up to 70% slope cover 92 hectares of vineyards. Here about 60% of the Riesling, as well as the varieties Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, Ortega, Optima, Dornfelder, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir are cultivated. Shares in the situation have for example the wineries Becker-Steinhauer. Berres. Friedrich-core. Molitor. Schömann Martin. Selbach-Oster and Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler,

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