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heavy metals

heavy metals (GB)
zwaar metaal (N)
metal pesado (ES)
metais pesados (PO)
élément-trace métallique (F)

Designation for a group of metals, where there are a variety of different definitions such as atomic weight, density, chemical properties or toxicity. Colloquially, heavy metals are often considered "toxic substances". However, this is not correct, because the vital heavy metals include iron. copper. manganese. molybdenum and zinc, From a certain amount of arsenic are considered dangerous lead, Cadmium, chromium, nickel and mercury (amalgam). But it depends on the crowd, because in the human body, some are essential trace elements For example, chromium needs between 10 to 20 mg for the regulation of blood sugar levels and, according to the latest findings, also arsenic up to 7 mg for various processes of metabolism.

The heavy metals are taken up by plants from the soil and get through the food chain directly or via animals to humans and finally back into the soil. Since they are not or only with difficulty degradable, they never get out of this cycle. As already mentioned, certain heavy metals cause poisoning depending on the amount ground, Plant, animal or human. You can in viticulture through "passive measures" such as fertilization be determined with alkaline agents in the soil and thus rendered harmless. In the winemaking If necessary, certain heavy metals such as copper or iron are removed from the young wine (see below beautiful ). With regard to the maximum permissible quantities in wine, there are defined limits; see a list below ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake).

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