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hedonismo (ES)
hédonisme (F)
hedonism (GB)
edonismo (I)
hedonisme (N)
hedonismo (PO)
Description (common joy, pleasure, pleasure, enjoyment, sensual desire) for the doctrine founded in ancient times by the philosopher Aristippus (435-355 BC), according to which the highest ethical principle is the pursuit of sensual pleasure and enjoyment. The philosopher Epicurus (341-271 BC), on the other hand, describes pleasure as the principle of successful life. According to him, the ataraxy (state of complete freedom from pain / disquiet) is also considered to be the highest pleasure. In common usage, hedonism is understood as an egoistic attitude to life oriented only on material enjoyment. In this sense, the term is often used pejoratively and interpreted as a sign of decadence. Epikureistisch he is mostly understood as positive (altruistic). Hedonic movements are also represented by the Greek poet Anacreon (~ 580-495 BC) in his songs about love, wine and cheerful sociability, as well as the Roman poet Horace (65-8 BC) with the saying "Carpe diem" (enjoy / use the day).

When judging a wine is meant by hedonistic consciously describing subjective with unclear and also on the basis of missing criteria incomprehensible adjectives such as beautiful, pleasant, unpleasant, extraordinary, convincing, bad, inspiring, impressive, unique, stunning, dreamlike, gorgeous, animating memorable, gripping and similar, or severely shortened to "tastes" or "does not taste". The "normal" untrained wine connoisseur judges a wine mainly hedonistically - not infrequently in the short form. Also the phenomenon of the so-called holiday wine is hedonistic. In the evaluation of the best wines in the Swiss canton Vaud with the Terravin Seal "Lauriers de Platine Terravin" is a hedonistic assessment but expressly desired. As a rule, however, there are standardized, mostly equally understood terms among experts who objectively define a wine sensory Describe criteria (see below wine address ). This is also the usual form official wine tasting and wine competitions (see wine review ). But without hedonistic terms you can not get along.

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