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The legendary Greek poet (ancient Greek Hómēros; modern Greek Ómiros) was born around 850 BC, presumably in Smyrna (Asia Minor). He is regarded as one of the earliest witnesses of the Greek wine culture. Homer is said to have travelled the country as a blind, travelling singer. He died on the Aegean island of Chios (Khios), which was considered the "Bordeaux of Greek wine". In his two famous works Iliad (Trojan War) and Odyssey (Ulysses' Journeys and Homecoming), wine plays an important role as the "home drink" of his epic heroes and he repeatedly describes the "wine-coloured sea". As a source for the wine of the siege army off Troy he mentions Thrace (at that time the entire Balkan peninsula) and the island Limnos. He praises the wine from Ismaros (probably identical with the ancient port of Maroneia) as "sweet and unadulterated - a potion of the gods". The Greek hero Odysseus received there from the Thracian priest king Maron the intoxicating red wine, with which he made the one-eyed cyclops Polyphem drunk and then dazzled him.

Homer und Beginn der Odyssee

Homer also mentions various winemaking techniques of ancient Greece, such as sulphur, the aromatisation (seasoning) of wine and the extraction of wine from dried grapes. The god Hephaistos, who dwelt on the island of Limnos, forged new weapons for the hero Achilles, including "the most glorious of shields". Among other things, it depicted a vineyard of gold with vines on silver poles and a cheerful grape harvest. Homer describes this in the 18th Song of the Iliad as follows: "Furthermore, the god formed a vineyard of gold, and the fruit hung darkly from the vine. And so he stood round about decorated with stakes of silver. On the side was a trench of steel, and around it a fence of tin, and a path only over it, which the bearers entered at the time of the autumn harvest. Young girls carried the sweet harvest of grapes in plaited baskets together with happy boys. Another quotation from him concerning the enjoyment of wine is: "Wine renews the strength of tired men.

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