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hydrogen sulfites (GB)
Salts (obsolete bisulfites) of sulphurous acid; look there.

Medium-strong acid, which when initiating sulfur dioxide is formed in water; according to international standards, it is called dihydrogen sulfite. It has a tendency, especially in a warm environment, through oxidation into the much more poisonous and stronger sulfuric acid proceed. The salts and ester Sulphurous acid is called sulfites or neutral or secondary sulfites, as well as hydrogen sulfites or former bisulfites or also primary or acid sulfites. When sulfur dioxide is added to mash, must, or wine, it is largely converted to sulfurous acid, with only a small portion remaining as sulfur dioxide. The sulphurous acid immediately begins to break down into sulfites and hydrogen sulfites. Both enter into compounds with various substances in the wine. Only when these processes are completed, the so-called free sulphurous acid is present. The amount depends on the temperature and the PH value, but is usually about 20%. This means that around 80% of the sulfurous acid is present in the wine in bound form.

The undissociated (unchanged) sulphurous acid or sulfur dioxide have antimicrobial action, especially against Acetobacter (Acetic acid bacteria), Lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts, The hydrogen sulfites bind flavoring substances, among others acetaldehyde (Alcohol precursor). The sulfites react with the dissolved oxygen to sulfates and have reducing action, The sum of free and bound sulfur dioxide (sulphurous acid) gives the total sulfur (also total sulfur dioxide or total sulphurous acid). The share in the wine is by means of iodometry (free) and azidimetry (bound) measured and expressed in milligrams per liter (mg / l). There are too much sulfur in the wine sanitary harmful, therefore there are legal limits. Even in compliance with these limits, but it may be due to improper dry preservation empty wooden barrels, or over-sulphurisation of the wine to the wine error Schwefelsäurefirn come.

sulfur In addition to water, salt and calcium, it is the most abundant component of the human body. He is one of the most important functionaries in the organism, is necessary for the skin, hair and nails, keeps...

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