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Araeometer (GB)

Physical measuring device (also lowering scale, hydrometer, obsolete gleukometer) for determining specific gravity or relative density of liquids. The name derives from the Greek "araios" (thin) and "métron" (measure). The measurement of the concentration of alcohol, which is ultimately based on the principle of the sinking spindle described by Archimedes (287-212 BC), was already known in antiquity. The Archimedean principle states that a body is so far immersed in a liquid until the weight of the displaced liquid corresponds to the weight of the submerged body. The currently used hydrometers are mostly made of glass. They consist of a thick buoyancy body with a precisely defined amount of lead shot as a weight and a thin stem with a scale. One of these is the so-called Residual sugar spindle,

By means of hydrometer water-alcohol mixtures can be used with respect to the content of alcohol or. sugar measure up. In the second case it will be the Mostgewicht of grapes and thus determines the potential wine quality. It sinks more in the liquid, the lower the density. It is particularly suitable for distillates, A hydrometer is unsuitable for alcoholic drinks with high sugar content such as sweet wines or liqueurs, because here is a specific gravity different than pure alcohol-water mixtures. For determining the must weight or maturity already in the grapes in the vineyard is usually a refractometer used. See also regarding other measurement methods under analytical test and units,

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