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John the Baptist

St. John Baptist (GB)

The Jewish penitential preacher Jochanan Mamdana (Latin Ioannes Baptista) was 1 v. Chr. Was born and allegedly died as a martyr in Jerusalem in 29 AD. His historicity is controversial, but is guaranteed by today's prevailing view of the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus. He lived as an ascetic in the desert, where he was clothed in rough camel hair, feeding on grasshoppers and wild honey. According to tradition, he appeared in 28 for the first time publicly as a penitential preacher. He is considered in Christianity as a pioneer of the imminent arrival of the Messiah. John preached in the style of the ancient prophets and took the baptism. According to Christian belief, he also baptized Jesus. His birth and commemoration day is June 24th. Further observances are the 24th of February (finding his head) and the 29th of August (day of beheading).

Beheading of John / Salome with the head of John

John was taken prisoner by King Herod Antipas because he was publicly accused of unlawful association with his sister-in-law Herodias. The hateful Herodias moved her daughter Salome when she was allowed to express to the father, delighted with her dance, a desire to demand the head of John. He was beheaded and Salome presented his mother's head on a bowl (Mark 6: 14-29). John is patron saint of some vineyards and cities, so of Burgundy. Malta, of the Provence, Florence and Amiens, as well as the innkeepers, winemakers, cooper (Cooper), shepherds, farmers and grapevines. He helps against alcoholism. intoxication. a headache, Dizziness and hail. A calendar saying: It can rain up to Johanni, then he comes inconvenient . See also below Bauernregeln and wine Saints,

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