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Kakovostno Vino z geografskim poreklom

Designation for a quality wine of geographical origin in Slovenia; look there.

The first vines were in this area about 2,400 years ago by the Celts planted. The Romans influenced winegrowing mainly in the area of Poetovium (Ptuj = Pettau). The Roman wine author Pliny the Elder (23-79) mentioned viticulture in the karst area and described these wines as an elixir of life. During the migration of peoples viticulture came to a standstill again. But in the Middle Ages, the wines were highly valued at the courts of Imperial Wien and Archiepiscopal Salzburg. The Austrian Archduke Johann (1782-1859) owned a sample vineyard near Maribor (Marburg). Even today, the influence of the historical and long affiliation with Austria-Hungary can be felt. As in most European countries, in the second half of the 19th century large vineyard areas of the phylloxera to the victim.

The wine-growing areas are located in the north on the border Austria (Südsteiermark), to the east on the border with Hungary as well as in the west on the border to the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Around three quarters of the production is made up of white wines, around a quarter of red wines. Slovenian viticulture has had a very positive development. A showcase and pioneer is the winery Movia, There are many small vintagers with tiny areas. The Blend in the year 2010 in the statistics of Kym Anderson scam:

vine Synonyms in Slovenia colour hectare
Riesling Laski Rizling White 2360
Terrano / Refosco Refošk, Refosco d'Istria red 1292
Chardonnay - White 1208
Sauvignon Blanc Muškatni Silvanec White 1061
Merlot - red 996
žametovka Kavcina Crna red 913
Ribolla Gialla rebula White 743
Malvasia Istarska Istrska Malvazija, Polijsakica Drnovk White 740
Blaufränkisch Frankovna Crna red 680
Riesling Renski Rizling White 676
Furmint Šipon White 651
Pinot Blanc Beli Pinot, Beli Burgundec White 525
Pinot Gris Sivi Pinot White 501
Cabernet Sauvignon - red 453
Muscat Blanc Rumeni...

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