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Popular name (also Schleicher, English fruit scalping = fruit killer) at the perceptual threshold for a weak pronounced corked; look there.

Name (also corker, cork taste, cork) for a dreaded wine faults, In Austria this is colloquially also with "the wine stoppelt" (Stoppel = corks) described. It manifests itself by musty, musty and chemical smell of wet, rotting wood or leather. The odor is sometimes called earthy described, what the alcohol geosmin is involved. The taste is uncomfortable bitter and astringent, Often the error can only be perceived by smell. A typical feature is lacking Fruchtighkeit or a partially or completely covered varietal of the wine.

Korkschmecker - glass with cork and TCA molecule

The unpleasant leaving the taste lasts for a long time. At a higher wine temperature The symptoms are even more obvious. For red wine is the Perceptual threshold through the overlapping ones tannins a bit higher, the error may not be perceived so strongly here. The main cause of "genuine cork treats" is the chemical trichloroanisole (TCA), the exact chemical name is 2,4,6-trichloroanisole. This was first proved in 1981 by Prof. H. Tanner at the Swiss Federal Research Institute in Wädenswil (Switzerland). This substance is produced by microbial methylation of trichlorophenol (TCP). That is, by microorganisms like molds the TCP is converted to TCA. Australia became the stuff in 2004 Methoxy-dimethylpyrazine isolated, which is the second cause.


Although TCA usually enters the wine via the cork, it is by no means cork-specific, but the starting material TCP can come from many sources, which makes it difficult to determine the cause. Unfortunately, this also provides the reason that the cork problem is neglected or at worst considered insignificant. Still in the 1990s it was customary in cork production to bleach and sterilize the...

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