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middle Rhine

Middle Rhine (GB)

The growing area in Germany covers only 458 hectares. It extends mostly in the state Rheinland-Pfalz from Oberdollendorf bei Königswinter opposite Bonn to the north of Bingen partly on both banks of the eponymous middle course of the Rhine, A small area is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the heart of the beautiful river landscape lies Koblenz. The Romans founded viticulture here after the founding of the cities of Cologne (Colonia) and Bonn (Bonna). There was a heyday in the Middle Ages under the leadership of Cistercian, which built the now more than ruin existing monastery Heisterbach above Oberdollendorf. The city of Bacharach is an ancient wine trading center.

In Niederlahnstein is the famous "Wirtshaus an der Lahn". In the municipality of St. Goarshausen is the world famous 132 meter high Loreley rock. The legend from the 19th century reports that here a mermaid lured the Rhine boatmen by their lovely singing and had their boats smashed against the slate rock. The poet Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) made the world famous Loreley with the lines "I do not know what it means that I am so sad". She is also patron and landmark of the growing area. Annually on the first weekend of September takes place at the castle Rheinfels, municipality St. Goar on the Loreley rock the "Wine Forum Middle Rhine" and on the first Saturday in May the "Middle Rhine Wine Fair" in Bacharach-Steeg instead.

Map of the growing region Middle Rhine

The vineyards extend over 120 kilometers on both sides of the Rhine deep into the side valleys. Some of them are also on the banks of the Lahn. The landscape, overwhelmingly beautiful, with many ruins of castles, presents itself as a narrow band of vineyards, some of them terraced on the steeply rising slopes of the river. This was also taken into account by the UNESCO in 2002, the Middle Rhine Valley between Bingen-Büdesheim and Koblenz to World Heritage explained. The sheltered locations benefit from many sunny days; the Rhine acts as an excellent heat storage. The soils consist of weathered slate and greywacke, scattered Löss islands and in the north of volcanic rock. More than 80% of the vineyards are steep slopes with at least 30% Tilt, the rest almost only slopes, Some such as in the Boppard Hamm count among the steepest vineyards Germany. The elaborate processing causes the surfaces to shrink continuously. In the last 30 years this was around 40%. The cultivation area is divided into the two areas Loreley and Siebengebirge with eleven large layers and 111 individual layers.

Rheinschleife - communities Osterspai, Filsen and Boppard

The Loreley area is divided into the ten major locations Burg Hammerstein, Rheinfels Castle, Gedeonseck, Lahntal, Loreleyfelsen, Marksburg, Herrenberg Castle, Schönburg Castle, Stahleck Castle and Reichenstein Castle. Typical is the terrace wine. Well-known wine-growing communities with their individual layers are:

  • Bacharach : tap, Heylesen Werth, Monastery Fürstental. Post. Wolfshöhle
  • Bad Hönningen : Castle Hill
  • Boppard Hamm : Engelstein. Fässerlay. Feuerlay. Mandelstein. Ohlenberg. Weingrube
  • Braubach : coupling stone
  • Damscheid : Sunstock
  • Dattenberg : Gertrudenberg
  • Ehrenbreitstein : Kreuzberg
  • Engehöll : Amber. Goldemund
  • Filsen : parish garden
  • Hammerstein : Hell, in the Layfelsen
  • Kamp-Bornhofen : Liebenstein-Sterrenberg, pilgrim's path
  • Kaub : oven, Blüchertal, Castle Gutenfels, Pfalzgrafenstein, Rauschelay, Roßstein
  • Kestert : Liebenstein-Sterrenberg
  • Koblenz : Kreuzberg, Schnorbach bridge
  • Leutesbach : Forstberg, Gartenlay, Rosenberg
  • Manubach : Langgarten, Mönchwingert, St. Oswald
  • Niederheimbach : Froher Weingarten, Reifersley, Hohneck Castle
  • Nochern : Brünnchen
  • Oberdiebach : Bischofshub, Furstenberg
  • Oberheimberg : Römerberg, sun, truth
  • Obernhof : Goetheberg
  • Oberwesel : Oelsberg. Römerkrug. St. Martinsberg
  • Osterspai : Liebeneck-Sonnenlay
  • Patersberg : devil stone
  • Perscheid : Rosental
  • Rheinbrohl : Monte Jup, Römerberg
  • Rhens : King Wenzel, Sonnenlay
  • Steeg : Hambusch, Lennenborn, St. Jost
  • St. Goarshausen : Katz Castle, Maus Castle, Loreley-Edel
  • Unkel : mountain, Sonnenberg
  • Urbar : Beulsberg
  • Vallendar : royal court
  • Weinähr : Giebelhöll

Bacharach Middle Rhine - Castle Stahleck - single layers Post (front) and Wolfshöhle (back)

The area Siebengebirge with the Großlage Petersberg is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and covers about 25 hectares of vineyards. The wine-growing communities and individual layers:

  • Bad Honnef : Drachenfels
  • Bonn : Rheinaue
  • Königswinter : Drachenfels, Goldenfüßchen, Heisterberg, Laurentiusberg, Sülzenberg
  • Niederdollendorf : Goldenfüßchen, Heisterberg, Longenburgerberg
  • Oberdollendorf : Laurentiusberg, Rosenhügel, Sülzenberg
  • Rhöndorf : Drachenfels

Well-known producers are, for example Bastian Friedrich. Didinger. Dr. Kauer. Holy grave. Scorn Peter. royal Court. Lambrich Albert. Lanius Knab. Mohr and sons. Müller Matthias. Perll August. Ockenfels. Ratzenberger. Toni Jost Hahnenhof. Villa Riesling and Weingart Florian, The grape variety status 2009 (0 = less than 0.5 ha):

German main name
In Germany
common synonyms
colour hectare
% -
Riesling White Riesling, Rhine Riesling White 306 66.8
Pinot Noir
included Samtrot
Pinot Noir, Blue S., Pinot Noir
Blue Pinot Noir clone velvet red
red 40 8.7
Müller-Thurgau Rivaner, Riesling Sylvaner White 28 6.1
Dornfelder - red 14 3.1
Kerner - White 14 3.1
White Burgundy Pinot Blanc, Pinot Blanc White 13 2.8
Ruländer Pinot Gris, Pinot Gris White 10 2.2
Portuguese Blue Portuguese red 7 1.5
Scheurebe Seedling 88 White 5 1.1
regent - red 4 0.9
Bacchus - White 2 0.4
dark fields - red 2 0.4
Red traminer Traminer / Gewurztraminer White 2 0.4
Chardonnay - White 1 0.2
Ehrenfelser - White 1 0.2
Faberrebe - White 1 0.2
Huxelrebe - White 1 0.2
Müllerrebe Meunier, Pinot Meunier red 1 0.2
Optima Optima 113 White 1 0.2
Ortega - White 1 0.2
Sylvaner Green Silvaner, Sylvaner White 1 0.2
Auxerrois Little Heunisch White 0 -
Cabernet Dorsa - red 0 -
Cabernet Sauvignon - red 0 -
Dakapo - red 0 -
Deckrot - red 0 -
Ehrenbreitsteiner - White 0 -
Bouvier foundling White 0 -
Frühburgunder Blue Frühburgunder, Clevner red 0 -
Green Valtellina Weißgipfler White 0 -
Johanniter - White 0 -
Précoce de Malingre Early Malingre, Malinger White 0 -
Muscat Ottonel - White 0 -
Nobling - White 0 -
Osteiner - White 0 -
Phoenix - White 0 -
Reichensteiner - White 0 -
Rotberger - red 0 -
Sauvignon Blanc Muskat-Sylvaner White 0 -
Schönburger - White 0 -
Saint Laurent St. Laurent red 0 -
Würzer - White 0 -
White Elbling Elbling, Kleinberger White 0 -
otherwise. white varieties - White 0 -
otherwise red varieties - red 0 -
TOTAL 458 100

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