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Mount of Olives

Popular single-layer designation (also spelled Oelberg) in Germany. The name mostly relates to the Mount of Olives in the Bible, which got its name from the olive trees growing there. Jesus stayed on this mountain in the east of Jerusalem several times (Lk 21/37, Lk 22/39, Joh 8/1, Mk 13/3).

Durbach - to bathe (Ortenau)

The west to south-facing vineyards at 220 to 260 meters above sea level with 40 to 80% slope cover almost 14 hectares of vineyards on granite weathered soil. Here above all Gewurztraminer cultured. Members of the Durbacher flat share, as well as the winery Männle Heinrich,

Efringen-Kirchen - Baden (Markgräflerland)

The vineyards, oriented to the south-southeast and in a hollow to the east-southeast to southwest, at an altitude of 250 to 320 meters with a slope of 0 to 50%, cover 35 hectares of vineyards. The shallow soils consist of limestone weathering clay (Rendzina) with Jurassic limestone and have a good water balance. Here mainly the varieties Gutedel ( Chasselas ) and Pinot Noir ( Pinot Noir ) cultivated. The winery, for example, has a share in the location Ornamental iron Hanspeter,

Ehrenstetten - Baden (Markgräflerland)

The vineyards, oriented from west to east, with a slope of 10 to 50%, comprise 73 hectares of vineyards on calcareous, stony clay soils. A variety of, sometimes rare, biotope types occur on the Mount of Olives. These are small-parceled vineyards with dry stone walls, stone stairs, old forests rich in deadwood, limestone cliffs with caves, bushes and fallow land. In the 1990s, large parts were designated as a nature reserve. Gutedel and Burgundy varieties in particular are cultivated here. Members of the Ehrenstetten wine cooperative, for example, have shares in the situation.

Königsberg - palatinate (Mittelhaardt-German Wine Route)

The east-south-east facing vineyards at 130 to 195 meters above sea level with 10 to 20% slope cover 36 hectares of vineyards. They are well protected from the wind by the Haardt Mountains to the west. The floors are made of lime marl with clay components and have a good quality Water storage capacity, Above all, the varieties Riesling and Pinot Noir are cultivated. The vineyards, for example, have a share in the situation Christmann Arnold. Henninger IV. Ohler Johann and Weik Bernd,

Nierstein - Rheinhessen

The location is part of the so-called "red slope" within the Rhine front, The name is derived from an earlier monastery and, like many site names, has biblical origin. According to another version, oleaginous fruits such as hemp, poppy seeds or rapeseed could have been grown here earlier. In contrast to the other Niersteiner locations, there is no direct neighborhood to the Rhine, but it is in the north of the village. It includes 15 old ones bath (Parcels), one of which is called Hindenburg Terrace. The south-facing vineyards at 90 to 170 meters above sea level with 10 to 70% slope cover 48 hectares of vineyards.

The floors consist of reddish clay slate and sandstone (Rotliegendes) with a high proportion of skeletons and admixtures of fine earth and clayey clay. Here above all Riesling. Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc ( Pinot Blanc ) cultivated. Shares have z. B. the wineries Bunn Lisa. Domhof Baumann. Domtalhof. Gehring Theo. Heyl to Herrnsheim. Hofmann Jürgen. Kühling-Gillot. Louis Guntrum. Rappenhof. Schatzel Kai. Tailor Georg Albrecht. Seebrich. State wine-growing domain Oppenheim. St. Antony and Strub Walter,

More communities

There are further individual locations called Ölberg in the municipalities of Dossenheim, Gau-Odernheim, Grolsheim (Rheinhessen), Hohentengen, Kiechlingsbergen (Baden), Neustadt / Weinstraße (Pfalz) and Wöllstein (Rheinhessen).

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