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Synonym (also Dutch) for the grape variety Riesling; look there.

The white grape probably comes from Germany. There are over 150 Synonyms which testify to the high age and worldwide distribution in almost all winegrowing countries. Historically important or still commonly used alphabetically grouped by country are Risling ( Bulgaria ); Noble Riesling, Yellow Riesling, Gräfenberger, Hochheimer, Johannisberger, Kleinriesling, Klingelberger, Rissling, Schlüsseling, White Riesling ( Germany ); Raisin du Rhin, Riesling Rhénan ( France ); Riesling Renano Italy ); Rajinski Riesling (former Yugoslavia ); Rizling Rajnski ( Croatia ); Rislinoc ( Moldova ); Rhine Riesling, Ritzling (also name a vineyard), white Riesling ( Austria ); Johannisberg, Johannisberg Riesling, Petit Rhin ( Switzerland ); Rizling Rýnsky ( Slovakia ); Renski Rizling ( Slovenia ); Lipka, Ryzlink Rýnský, Starovetski ( Czech Republic ); Beyaz Riesling ( Turkey ); Рислінг, Rislinok ( Ukraine ); Fehér Rajnai, Rajnai Rizling ( Hungary ); Rhine Riesling, White Riesling ( California - United States ).

Riesling - grape and leaf

The Riesling is allowed on reason morphological Similarities do not match the varieties Crouchen. Menu Pineau. Pedro Ximénez. Räuschling or Sauvignonasse be confused. There is no genetic relationship to Riesling (Graševina), whose ancestry (parenthood) is unknown. The prestigious name Riesling has often been misleading and sometimes misused worldwide for the following varieties:

  • Bánáti Rizling Kreaca (Serbia)
  • Black Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Pinot Meunier (UNITED STATES)
  • Blue Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Trousseau Noir (Austria) - ID A. Young
  • Breisgau Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Knipperlé (Germany)
  • Budai Riesling Berbecel (Romania?)
  • Cape Riesling, Paarl Riesling, Riesling Vert, South African Riesling Crouchen (South Africa)
  • Frankenriesling Sylvaner and Green Valtellina (Germany, Austria)
  • Gray Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Pinot gris (Germany)
  • Gray Riesling = Trousseau Gris, Mutation of Trousseau Noir (California)
  • Gros Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Orleans and Sylvaner (France)
  • Großriesling Elbling (Germany, Austria)
  • Hunter Riesling or Hunter River Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Sémillon (Australia)
  • Main Riesling logo CNRS logo INIST Rieslaner (Germany)
  • Missouri Riesling = Vitis labrusca x Vitis riparia (USA)
  • Monterey Riesling Sylvaner (California)
  • Okanagan Riesling = Vitis labrusca (Canada)
  • Riesling de Caldas Dutchess (Brazil) - ID A. Jung
  • Riesling de Wuerzbourg logo CNRS logo INIST Sauvignon Blanc (France) - ID A. Jung
  • Riesling Italico Riesling (Italy)
  • Riesling Jaune de la Moselle logo CNRS logo INIST Auxerrois (France) - ID A. Jung
  • Red Riesling = Riesling...

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