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ornamental vines

Name (also garden clusters, wall graves, trellis vines, fence vines) for mostly very vigorous lianas of the family of the Vitaceae (vine plants), which serve mainly for the beautification of house walls or walls and are pulled on trellises. A fruit pleasure is not in the foreground, but may be a pleasant side effect. The main criteria for ornamental vines are beautifully shaped large leaves with attractive discoloration in the fall, as well as actively winding tendrils that hold the spreading leaf shoots. Because of the fungal and phylloxera susceptibility Europeans Vines (Vitis vinifera) not very well suited. Happy to use is the Asian species Vitis coignetiae (Japanese vine) and fungus-resistant varieties of various American vines such as Vitis californica. Vitis labrusca. Vitis riparia and Vitis rupestris,

ornamental vines

Also ornamental vines from the genus Parthenocissus and Ampelopsis are among them, as a houseplant also the genus Cissus. These pure ornamental vines are mostly (compared to wine grapes) dioecious, therefore, no grapes can develop in single planting without fertilization. If fruits are desired, you too can table grapes used as ornamental vines, which are then pulled as house sticks on the trellis or in a pergola. In the past, varieties commonly used for this purpose were Alphonse Lavallée. Blue Portuguese. Canadice. Chasselas. Frühroter Veltliner. argant. Isabella. Luglienga Bianca (Yellow silk grape), muscatel. Queen of the vineyards. Madeleine Royale and Schiava Grossa, Today, fungus-resistant new breeds are used as Angela. Birstal nutmeg. Calastra. Campbell Early. Decora. Fanny. Felicia. Ferdinand de Lesseps. Hecker. ignea. Mitschurinski. Muscat Bleu. Nero. Osella. pink. Rosetta and Terez, See also below grapevine,

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