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Parthenocarpy (GB)

Name (virginity) for the unisexual reproduction or fruit development without prior fertilization in plants, which takes place without the formation of seeds or cores. The phenomenon also occurs in animals such as the phylloxera before and is called Parthenogenesis (Jungfernzeugung). By certain hormones, the unfertilized egg is played a fertilization situation, whereupon this begins to divide and mature into an organism. In plants, a distinction is made between induced by external stimuli inductive, spontaneously occurring vegetative, and Scheinparthenokarpie (stenospermocarpy). The inclination is due to favorable environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity promoted.

Inductive parthenocarpy is caused by mechanical stimulation of the carpel blossom triggered. It can also be a result of flowers frosts arise when the ovule is destroyed, but the ovary remains intact. The Parthenokarpie is often with pineapples, apples, bananas, pears, figs and citrus fruits. Parthenocarp fruits typically have no or only rudimentary seeds grapes the cores). Virginity can also be artificially caused by the treatment of the flowers auxins (Hormones), this is how seedless (low in kernels) eggplants, cucumbers and tomatoes are grown.

completely seedless Grapes are a random product, or a whim of nature. Almost all traditionally grown seedless grape varieties, such as the table grapes is desired, but are not entirely without nuclei. In addition to some parthenocarp (seedless) berries you will find a high proportion of berries with stunted, very soft seeds, which is therefore not felt when eating. The name is then Stenospermokarpie. In general parlance, no distinction is made between parthenocarpic and stenospermocarpic ovules, and all are termed "seedless," although "poor in kernels" would be more correct.

Kernlosigkeit is not a static condition. If that were the case, you could not breed new seedless / low - nuclear grape varieties, because the kernels are responsible for the sprouting of the seedling unconditional prerequisite are (see also under blossom ). The Verrieseln is often called Parthenocarpy. This is wrong, because at the grapevine yet no real virginity could be detected.

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