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Italian name for one sweet wine or. Dessert wine from rosinated, that is mostly air- or sun-dried grapes. The name is derived from "appassito" (German: wilted, appassire = withering, appassimento = wilting, drying). This has an ancient tradition in Italy, because already in the antiquity this was the raisin wine passum practiced. Seen from the drying process of the grapes Passito corresponds to the Strohwein, There are different drying methods. Either the grapes are left on the hive or dried only after harvesting. In the second case, the grapes are hung on racks or spread flat on wooden slats, straw or reed mats. The main purpose is dehydration and thereby concentration the sugar and extract content. The potential alcohol content increases at least one third.

The grapes are dried several months from September to January in dry and cool air. This is usually done under the roof with the windows open, to prevent rot and mildew from the air circulation. The drying in the sun is still partly on Sicily or in Greek islands like Santorini applied. However, important flavors can be lost. An accelerated process is also used, in which the grapes are dried under supplied warm air of 30 to 35 ° Celsius.

When the grapes have shrunk like raisins, they are pressed very gently. For red grapes is usually a stemming, The fermentation takes place depending on the desired type of wine under lock in small wooden barrels with about 50 liters volume (Caratelli) or larger containers. It may be due to the high sugar content take several months. Individual producers interrupt fermentation several times, which may take two to three years to complete. The mostly very sweet and golden yellow wine has aromas of dried fruits and honey. Such wines usually have a relatively high proportion of volatile acids,

But not only sweet, but also dry developed variants such as the Valpolicella version Amarone, Dried grapes are among others in the DOC / DOCG Passito variants Albana di Romagna. Malvasia delle Lipari. Montefalco Sagrantino and Pantelleria, as well as many variants of produced throughout Italy Vin Santo used. That in Veneto as Recioto designated method is very similar to the passito. Passito is not allowed to use the same procedure as in Valpolicella Ripasso be confused.

All work and measures in the vineyard in the course of the growth cycle one finds below Weingarten Care, Complete listings of the numerous vinification measures and cellar techniques, as well as the various wine-regulated wine, sparkling wine and distillate types are under the keyword winemaking contain. Comprehensive information on wine law is available under the keyword wine law,

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