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Pinot Nero

Synonymous with the grape variety Pinot Noir; look there.

The red grape variety comes from France. Around 300 Synonyms attest to the old age and worldwide distribution in almost all of them wine-producing countries, Important or historically significant alphabetically grouped by country are for example Augustiner, Auvernas, Blauer Klevner, Blauer Spätburgunder, Frühschwarzer, Klävner, Klebroth, Klevner, Möhrchen, Moréote, Schwarzburgunder, Schwarzer, Schwarzer Burgunder, Schwarzer Traminer, Spätburgunder, Süßrot, Thalroter ( Germany ); Auvernat, Auvernas, Auvergnat, Berligout, Bourguignon, Clevner, Formentin Noir, Morillon Noir, Mourillon, Noble Joué, Noirien Franc, Noirien Noir, Orléanais, Pignola, Pignolet, Pineau de Bourgogne, Pineau de Bourgoyne, Pineau de Chambertin Pineau Noir de Gevrey, Plant Doré, Vert Doré ( France ); Pinot Nero ( Italy ); Cerna, Pino Ceren, Pino Fran, Pino Negru, Pino Nero ( Moldova ); Blauburgunder, Blauer Burgunder, Blauer Klevner, Clevner, Klevner, Schwarzburgunder, Schwarzer Burgunder ( Austria ); Pinot Cernii, Pinot Cherny ( Russia ); Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Clevner, Cortaillod, Dole, Klävner, Klevner, Salvagnin Noir, Savagnin Noir ( Switzerland ); Burgundské Modré, Rulandské Modré ( Slovakia ); Rulandské Modré, Burgundské Modré ( Czech Republic ); Kékburgundi, Kisburgundi ( Hungary ); Black Burgundy, Franc Pineau, Gamay Beaujolais ( United States ).

Despite apparently suggesting synonyms or morphological or name similarities not to the varieties Béclan. Blauburger. Blaufränkisch. Brun Fourca. Gamay (Dole), Gouget Noir. Persan. Pineau d'Aunis. Tressot Noir or Trousseau Noir be confused. It is most likely the Pinot Ursorte with many game types respectively. Clone and mutations, According to 2000 DNA analysis there is one Parent-offspring relationship between Pinot (see there in detail) and Traminer (Savagnin Blanc). Traminer is specifically assumed to be a descendant of Pinot, although the reverse relationship cannot be ruled out. The old synonym Schwarzer Traminer indicates this relationship, although of course there was no concrete knowledge about it at the time this name was created. Somatic mutations are Pinot MeunierPinot...

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