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prison wine

prison wine (GB)

Name (also jail wine) for a special " Wine “Which is illegally made in prisons in a primitive way. Such a brew called "Pruno" is known in US prisons. Who invented the drink is not known, but detailed instructions come from Jarvis Jay Masters (* 1962), who was sentenced to death for murdering a guard at San Quentin Prison in California, He wrote a poem that describes his fate in prison and the Pruno recipe. Masters was awarded the literary prize “PEN Award” in 1992. He now lives according to Buddhist rules, has become a philosopher and has written the two books "Finding Peace: Writings from Death Row" and "The Bird Has My Wings".

There are different recipes, as ingredients (in the technical language "kicker") are apples, oranges, canned fruits, compote, sugar, Ketchup, milk and minced bread are used. The “Masters recipe” named after the inventor: Ten peeled oranges, canned fruits and around 1/2 liter of water are placed in a plastic bag. This is tightly knotted and the contents kneaded into porridge. Now the bag is heated for 15 minutes under running hot water in the sink. The mixture is wrapped in a towel or in socks and hidden (e.g. toilet cistern). After 48 hours, the bag is opened and 60 pieces of sugar cubes and six teaspoons of ketchup are added. Then the porridge is poured with hot water for 30 minutes. It is heated every day for a further 15 minutes. Possibly. will the fermentation stopped by adding vitamin C tablets. The Pruno is ready after three days and can be drunk after the pulp has been removed. Depending on the sugar content, the drink can alcohol content an easy one beer (3% vol) to even a strong wine (12-14% vol).

The poultry is also called “vomit-flavored wine- cooler “(Vomit = vomit). It smells nasty of putrefaction, which is why the nose is covered when drinking. The Pruno may also contain the toxic alcohol type methanol, Ex-prisoners report that the stench is sufficient to protect themselves from sexual assault by other inmates, because no one would be able to endure the stench. There are several video clips on YouTube showing the production process. When prisons removed fresh fruit from the menu to prevent production, Pruno was also made from sauerkraut and orange juice. However, potatoes should not be used as there is a risk of botulism (life-threatening poisoning, mostly caused by spoiled meat or vegetables that have not been cooked properly). See also other curiosities below special wines,

Source and image: Die Welt / WeltN24 GmbH 2015

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