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Probus Marcus Aurelius

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus (232-282) secured them in his battles against the Franks, Alemanni, Burgundians, Wandals and Goths Rhine- and Danube line, In 280 he raised that from Kaiser Domitian (51-96) in 92 imposed a ban on planting vines in the provinces outside Italy. The "Historia Augusta" mentions: Gallis omnibus et Hispanis ac Brittannis hinc permisit, ut vites haberent vinumque conficerent (It allowed all Gauls, Spaniards and Brits to own vines and to produce wine) . In Germany and Austria He is considered the founder of viticulture and is even close to wine gods moved. In the wine tavern Grinzing in Wien even an alley is named after him, but the emperor was probably never in this Roman border settlement at the time. Although he gave important impulses, his achievements have been described a little too exaggerated, for example by the French chemist Jean-Antoine Chaptal (1756-1832). However, it is undisputed that it has had a positive influence on viticulture throughout Europe.

Probus - mosaic on house in Heiligenstadt / Vienna and coin with Probus picture
There is no information about his personal wine preferences, but it can be assumed that on his table the then classic wines of the Roman upper class such as the famous one Falernian were to be found. Even in times of peace, he had his soldiers work hard, who had to clear the land to plant new vineyards. This was done, for example, in the two provinces of Pannonia (western Hungary, Burgenland etc.), especially on the Danube and Gaul. Paradoxically, Probus was allegedly murdered in a vineyard by dissatisfied soldiers from his army. The suspected background was that the emperor was thinking of dismissing the soldiers after relative peace had returned to the empire. The legionaries were therefore increasingly used for civilian tasks, which were very unpopular with the troops. New breeding was a tribute to the emperor in Serbia Probus named. See also under Ancient wines and Ancient grape varieties,

Mosaic: Von Clemen s - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 at , Link
Coin: Von Gunthram - Self-photographed , CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link

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