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thysanoptera (ES)
thrips (GB)
thysanoptera (F)
thysanoptera (I)
thysanoptera (PO)
tripse (N)

An insect belonging to the Order of the Fringes (Thysanoptera) with about 5,500 species worldwide, of which about 400 species occur in Central Europe. The trivial name fringed wings they wear because of their typical long hair fringe on the wing edges. As a pest on Rebstock is only the species of vine thrips (Drepanothrips reuteri) of importance, but also affects other plants. The insect hibernates as a female preferably under the bark of the trunk, but also on withered foliage and in the soil. With the expulsion In the spring, the first animals migrate to the leaves and place there bean-shaped, about 0.2 millimeters large eggs in the leaf tissue. Development takes place via two larval and up to three nymphal stages (juvenile stages) to the trained sexual animals. These are only 0.6 to 0.8 millimeters in size, have characteristically fringe-shaped wings, two visible eyes and a pair of probes with six limbs.

Rebenthripse - larvae and sex animals on a leaf

All stadiums have three pairs of legs, the foot end of which is provided with a foldable adhesive organ (hence bladderfeet). There are two, in southern countries to three generations per year. The nymphs are not very active and do not eat. With the stinging-sucking mouthparts, the animals infest leaves, which are frizzy and marked by bright spots. But it is also affected by bills and berries, what the Verrieseln and strong corking. Signs of an infestation in the previous year are net-like corking of the lowest nodes (nodes) of the annual writings. The insect has numerous natural enemies such as larvae of the lacewings. predatory mites. ladybug and assassin bugs and is also eliminated by parasitic fungal infestation. That's why fighting in the vineyard is usually not necessary.

Left: By Alton N. Sparks, Jr., University of Georgia, , CC BY 3.0 , Link
Picture right: By PaulT - Own Work, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link

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