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algae (GB)

seaweed Small, single or multi-cell plant organisms that can be microscopically small as plankton or up to 50 meters long as seaweed. They are the oldest group of plants on earth and inhabit almost all wet areas of life with over 50,000 species. Some forms live in symbiosis as lichens mushrooms or as corals in marine polyps. Algae and lichen are like weathering and soil formation processes when converting humus involved.

They play a role particularly in chemical weathering, in which the plant acids released to slowly dissolve basic rocks, such as. B. contribute limestone. As a component of Paleozoic marine sediments, algae formed the biogenic basis of sedimentary rocks, such as B. diatoms for the diatomaceous, If necessary, special measures against algae are used in viticulture pesticides (Algicides) used. See also under soil type. geology and Weingarten Care,

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