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seedling (GB)
plântula (PO)
semis (F)
zaailing (N)
piantula (I)
planta (ES)

In viticulture one understands under it the germinated from an implanted grape seed young vine. The germination of a seedling can be done in an independent way in nature or be brought about consciously by humans. Unlike a genetically identical clone who at one vegetative propagation when cuttings (Seedling) are the seedlings resulting from generative or sexual reproduction genotypisch basically different. The grapevine stands out in comparison to other plant groups (for example trees) as extreme heterozygous (spalterbig) and can not be propagated on seeds (grape seeds) is not genuine. The berry kernels carry the inherited paternal genes during fertilization. For the look and the varietal the grapes but it is completely irrelevant, by what kind of father the fertilization took place. Namely, they are 100% independent of the type of mother variety.

A seedling always has a new combination of parental inherited traits, which externally to a new phenotype and thus lead to a new strain. The up to five (rarely six) cores in a berry can provide very different varieties. Therefore, seedlings are not used for the repopulation of vineyards, but are only in the breeding interesting new grape varieties. A seedling can be the product of a selfing (Self-fertilization), but also by pollination with pollen from another vine. Such a by self or pollination and then by sprouting the grape seed resulting variety is called spontaneous (natural) crossing, Other names for this process are "dropped from seeds" or openly bloomed (open pollinated). See also the topic under blossom such as grapevine,

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