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pousse (F)
tralcio (I)
shoot (GB)

Term for the young shoot of a plant. The young one-year-old shoot (Lotte, lap) of the vine develops in spring from the winter eyes of the biennial wood. Depending on the number of remaining after the winter cut eyes or the length of the one-year wood one speaks of rod, Strecker or cones (see under arc ). The productive development phase of the vine begins in March to April with the expulsion, To the Nodien (Nodes) of the shoots are in succession leaves. inflorescences (Notes or later grapes), tendrils and epicormic shoot, as well as shoot buds formed for future shoots. A vigorous drive is characterized by thick nodes and long internodes distances between the nodes). The shoot length is determined by the number of nodes (up to 20) and the length of the internodes. Always one sheet opposite ring-shaped tendrils are attachment organs.

Shoot (drawing)

For good wine quality, shoot and fruit growth must be balanced. The shoot growth lasts several months and comes from the veraison (Beginning of ripening) in the northern hemisphere from the beginning of August slowly to a halt. During this period, the color first changes from green / red to yellow / purple and finally to brown / gray as in the picture below. In mature maturity, the shoots are lignified and thus protected against frost and dehydration. During the wood maturity carbohydrates stored, what a good frost hardiness and the next budding is important. The instability with the lignification process begins at the base of the shoots and continues to the shoot tip (the outermost, about one centimeter long piece) away. The younger apical areas lign last and mature in early frost quarry no longer.

Shoots - blue grapes

Excessive hanging can delay the maturation of the wood, so that in winter there is an increased risk of frostbite and dehydration of the no longer mature shoots. The shoot tips are therefore very often already at the time of blossom capped what you as Shoot tips cut designated. From the adventitious can from the trunk the so-called Water Lap shoots grow, but mostly at the time of expulsion be broken out. For certain education forms (mainly in the wire frame education) the high tenderness of the shoots must be repeated several times a year baste get supported. See complete listings below Weingarten Care (concerning activities) and grapevine (for relevant keywords to the plant).

Shoots leaves

Graphics: taken from Bauer / Regner / Schildberger,
Viticulture, ISBN: 978-3-70402284-4, Cadmos Verlag GmbH

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