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Term for meaningful / similar, but phonetically different words or terms. For example, "Weinhauer, winemaker and winegrower "Or" broom, Buschenschank, Hedge industry, Winery and ostrich economics "or" Böttcher and cooper "Or" Keltern and Press "Or" vinification, vinification, winemaking and winemaking - but also Keltern ". However, words with exactly the same meaning are rare, and there is often a meaning or value difference. For example "head and head" or "home and flat" or "vine and grape". Especially with very old, widespread varieties in extreme cases there are 30, 40, 50 and more local and regional synonyms for a single species and theirs game types, Often these are grape variety groups, among which varieties (almost identical Clones or mutants ), but also similar, closely related, but genotypically distinct varieties are summarized. Significant examples are Lambrusco. Malvasia. muscatel. Pinot. Refosco. Trebbiano and Vernaccia (each with a list).

Conversely, similar or common vine varieties have sometimes come under a single name ( homonym ), although it is genotypisch are independent grape varieties. In a broader sense, synonyms used for several grape varieties are also to be understood as homonyms at the same time. The border between varieties and clones is without DNA analysis sometimes hard to pull. The synonyms are therefore to be regarded with great caution, especially in old grape varieties. Frequently identical or similar synonyms were used for different grape varieties. That can, but does not have to point to the same identity or kinship. Not infrequently, names of unique strains are used as synonyms for others. The skill morphological Similarities in grape shape, colour (eg Roussette as name part) or form of berries (eg olive, cherry), exaggerated and Scroll as well as flavor components (crunchy berries), properties (eg debt payers ) or too origin (Area, wine-growing area).

The multiple allocation of names is partly due to the fact that many varieties were previously called Mixed set stood together in vineyards. examples are Elbling. Gouais blanc and Orleans, This often resulted in confusion and misnomerations. Other inaccuracies and multiple use of names for different varieties are also due to poor records. In the 19th century, the authors have tried again and again to associate their local varieties with the varieties in the international literature, which often happened without direct knowledge of foreign varieties. For example, French varieties have simply been assigned to similar varieties in Austria because they were thought to be identical.

Later, it turned out to be different varieties and the synonymous assignment is based on an original misnomer (pseudonym). So synonyms can only be clues, and you also need variety descriptions, picture boards and vine plants to be able to check the correct assignment to a variety. At many Viticulture institutes worldwide today is using molecular geneticsDNA analysis tries to clarify the many unanswered questions, but what is needed is living material for harvesting. However, this is often misnamed and does not always represent the variety whose name it bears.

In the present work, to the best of my knowledge and belief, attempts have been made to indicate the genotypic identity (that is to say "identical to the grape variety XY") or to explicitly mention any existing ambiguities or assumptions. With the variety of grape varieties and the often confusing kinship conditions, blurring or mistakes can not be ruled out. But not only in the grape varieties, but in general on the subject of viticulture, there are many synonyms for many terms that vary not only from country to country, but often depending on the region and place. This circumstance was taken into account in this work and for reasons of user-friendliness in many terms, the most common synonyms added as a separate keyword with reference to the main name. See also on this topic Vines systematics. sport and variety,

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