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Tischelmayer Norbert

Tischelmayer Norbert Norbert Franz Josef Tischelmayer was born in April 1945 in Mühlbach am Manhartsberg in the last weeks of the war Weinviertel ( Lower Austria ) born in the midst of vineyards, so to speak. His father had been working for a large winery for decades, that was August Sutter in Hohenwarth. In childhood, he helped regularly with the vintages With. At that time there was the "Hiata-Hütt'n", in which two to three weeks before the harvest time the "Hiata" ( Weingarten guardian ) and strictly guard that no one at the delicious grapes transgressed. For the boys, it was a test of courage and condition for admission to the "Club of the Great", despite the danger of being "caught" grapes to steal. These were the first impulses to engage in wine.

In his own words, he spent a meager, but wonderful childhood in Mühlbach. The parents were already happy and satisfied when they were able to feed their children sufficiently. There was a lack of much and even oranges or bananas were true luxury goods that there was (if at all) only for Christmas. Over this time, the author recently published the book "Back in Mühlbach". In it the living conditions of the small town with only 300 souls from 1945 to 1959 are described. Among other things, the themes of the end of the war, school, leisure & games as well as church & religion are illuminated and accompanied with many pictures. The descriptions in the book are representative of life in Austria especially in rural areas after the terrible World War II, when the young Second Republic began to live.

Tischelmayer Norbert - Mühlbach a. M. and Hiata-Hüttn

At the age of 14, he moved to the so-called "Rucksackl-Weana" Wien and completed an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk in the delicatessen shop Artaker am Stephansplatz just opposite the main entrance to the "Steffl"; at that time, it was the number one in Wien in this industry, comparable to today's "Meinl am Graben". Among other things, he also sold wines from the winery Sutter, but also from there France. Italy and Spain, Foreign wines were bought at that time only by the particularly "well-to-do".

After completing military service with the Austrian army with (voluntarily longer-term) 12 months of service with training as a radio operator, he made after a year a radical career change and went into the then still young electronic data processing (EDP). At that time, the punch-card-oriented computers were still referred to as "electronic brains". A smartphone today has about 100 times the power of the former computer, although a comparison is difficult. Norbert Tischelmayer worked for 35 years in a computer service company for banks and savings banks in the areas of computer center, internal audit, training, process organization and project management. During this time he led several major projects in the areas of corporate merger, rationalization, process organization and change management.

Tischelmayer Norbert - wine glossary Due to a traumatic childhood experience, he arrived relatively late Wine, As a test of courage, he emptied one with his brother and two friends wine cellar of the father doubler (Two-liter bottle). He could not even smell wine for decades. Then he became one in the early 1990s wine tasting at the winery Weinrieder (Kleinhadersdorf- Poysdorf ). In doing so, he discovered that not only can you enjoy wine with your palate and tongue, but also with your nose and eyes, and also talk about it (before the first glass was drunk). This positive experience aroused his interest and he began to intensively, both practically and theoretically deal with the "divine drink". In 1999 he was on the wine website Wein-Plus from Utz Graafmann attentive and offered to be this wine Glossary at that time with 800 keywords. That was the beginning of a long-standing cooperation.

With some wine seminars, around 100 books on wine, visits from tastings. wine fairs and wine events and last but not least practical cooperation in vineyards and cellars of winegrower friends was the basis for journalistic work on the subject of wine. In 2001 he fulfilled a childhood dream and published the book "Wine Glossary - 2.777 Wine Terms". At the same time, he manages the world's most comprehensive wine lexicon with around 23,000 keywords. The work does not exist on paper, but only in Internet, A dictionary on paper is a thing of the past; the printed edition of the Brockhaus lexicon published since 1808 was discontinued in 2014. The Wein-Plus online Wein-Plus glossary is updated and expanded almost daily, as well as suggestions from users. A detailed description of the contents as well as an efficient search for specific terms is available at wine Glossary contain.

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