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brindis (ES)
toast (F)
toast (GB)
brindisi (I)

Picture of a champagne glass In almost every language there are toasts, which one uses when enjoying alcoholic drinks or while Zuprosten. Most often one wishes oneself thereby health and general well-being. The so-called To drink is an ancient custom since there are people and alcohol. In not a few toasts the consumption is also described by overabundant alcohol as unproblematic and positive.

Therefore, the note is permitted: Alcohol is an excellent solvent. It dissolves families, marriages, friendships, employment relationships, bank accounts, liver and brain cells. It just does not solve any problems. But this is by no means a moderate Weingenuss question.

Sentences & rhymes

To the middle, to the tit, to the bag, zack zack. In this sense - off into the gutter.

We wish all women that they are surrounded only by beautiful and exotic animals. That they have a Jaguar in the garage, a tiger in bed, a sable around their shoulders, and especially a donkey who can pay for it all (Russian source).

Man drinks, the horse drinks, but sometimes it is the other way around.

Drink, smoke, kiss, cheer, drive and overtake,
everything brings you, whether early or later, to Peter in the ether.

With a stiff arm to the stiff middle, according to old custom and fathers custom.

May your way be light, may the wind always come from behind you, may the sun shine warm in your face, may a gentle rain fall on the fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in his hand. Bottom up!

Toasts of all countries



Egypt Bisochtak, fairy sihetak
Albania Gëzuar (for the good of you)
Arabia Ya salam (peace), Fisehatak (on health)
Armenia Genatset (on life)
Azerbaijan Afiyæt oslun
BoliviaSalud (Health), Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo
(Health and love and time to enjoy)
Bosnia Herzegovina Živjeli (Live, to life)
Brazil Saúde (Health), Viva (Lebe)
Brittany Yeched mad (Breton: for good)
Bulgaria Nasdrawe (on health)
Wino sladko - garlo gladko (sweet wine - flow in)
Chinaganbei (dry / empty glass), Yung sing (drink and win)
Kong Chien, Nien Nien
Costa Rica Pura Vida (meaning: eternal life)
Denmark Skål (Prost), Bunden i vejret eller resten i håret
(Emptying or the rest into the hair)
Germany Health, go away / and away (with liquor), for the good of you
Hopp, hopp, hopp, Schobbe in de Kopp (Pfalz)
Do not chill for long - head in the neck (Northern Germany)
Oans, zwoa, three - g'suffa (in Bavaria with beer), cheers, Cheers
EnglandCheers, Cheerio, Here's to you, Your health
Here's the mud in your eye, Lets toast
Esperanto ever via sano (on health)
Estonia Terviseks (health), Teie terviseks (on your health)
Finland Kippis (cheers), Maljanne (for the good)
Skoolata, Terveydeksi (health)
France a votre santé (to your health), a la votre (to you)
Santé (Health), Tchin tchin, Toujour l'amour
a la vòstra (Southern France - Occitan), Topa (Basque)
Georgia Gaumardjos (to a group: one may win)
Gagimardjos (May you win)
Greece Jássas (on your / your health), Jássou (on your health)
Jámas (on our health)
Hawaii Okole maluna, Hipahipa, Mahalu
India Salamat sampurna, Apki Lambi Umar Ke Liye
Indonesia Per
Iran Be Selamati (on health), Vashi
Ireland (Gaelic) Sláinte (Health)
Iceland Skål (Prost)
Israel Lechájim (on life), Borei pri Hagefen (Blessed be that,
harvesting the fruit of the vineyard - on religious occasions)
ItalyCin Cin, Salute (health)
A chi ci vuole male (to those who are evil / evil-minded)
figli maschi (on many sons)
JapanKampai (dry / empty glass), Banzai (High, salvation, hurray)
Kenya Rathima andu atene
Kishuaeli Maisha marefu
ColombiaSalud (Health), Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo
(Health and love and time to enjoy)
Congo (Zulu) Oogy wawa
Korea Chukbae, Konbe, Kong gang ul wi ha yo
Croatia Živjeli (Live, to life), na Zdravlje
CubaSalud (Health), amór y dinéro (love and money)
Latin (Rome) Sanitas bona (good health)
Latvia prieka (on happiness), veselibu (on health), Prozit
Lebanon Kesak (sing), Keskun (plur.)
Lithuania i sveikata (on health)
uz gera draugyste (on good friendship)
Malta Evviva (long live)
Morocco Saha wa'afiab
Mexico Salud (health)
Molvanîa Shtunkh, Zwckh (down with the broth)
Wakuz Dro Brugka Spazibo (good luck)
Szlengro (Welcome)
New Zealand Cheers, Cheerio, Good health
Netherlands Gezondheid (health), Geluk (luck), Proost
Norway Skål (Prost)
Austria Health, cheers, Prosit, for the good
Ex (without removing the glass - only with schnapps)
To Guat'n (a good one), well get it
Prostate - rust rosta da (prostate - otherwise it rusty you)
Pakistan Djam
Philippines Mabuhay
Poland na zdrowie (on health)
zdrowie (Health), Sto lat (100 years - at birthday celebrations)
Portugal Saúde (health), Tchin tchin
à tua (on yours), à sua (on yours), à vossa saúde
(to your health)
Romania sa Traiesti (Thou shalt live), sa Traiti (ye shall live)
Noroc (luck), Sãnãtate (health)
RussiaZdorowje or no Zdorovje (on health)
Scotland Slainte (Health)
Slainte mhath (good health), Slainte mhor (big health)
Sweden Skål (Prost), Helan går (the whole thing goes, meaning "in the throat",
analogously: it is drunk - only with liquor)
Switzerland Health, Santé, Prost, Proscht, Viva, for the good
Serbia Živeli (Live, to life)
Slovakia Na Zdravie (on health)
Slovenia on Zdravje (on health)
Ziveli (live, on life), Dno dna (on ex)
SpainSalud (Health), Txin txin
por ti (on you), por nosotros (on us), on you (por vosotros)
Arriba, abajo, al centro, para adentro (top, bottom, middle, inside)
the glass is positioned accordingly)
South AfricaCheers, Gesondheid (afrikaans)
Thailand Choc-tea, Sawadekaa (male), Sawadekap (female)
Czech Republic na Zdraví (on health)
Turkey Seref (to honor), Sagligina (health)
Hungary egészségére (on your health)
egészségedre (on your health)
egészségünkre (on our health)
Ukraine Budmo (on eternal life), na Zdorovya (on health)
United StatesCheers, Bottoms up (analogously: turn the glass over)
Vietnam Can chén (north), Can ly (south)
Wales Iechyd there
Cyprus is Iyia (for good), Eviva (long live)

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