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In total, there are five canonized persons called Urban (which means "The Townspeople"). To the so-called wine saints Three of them can be counted.

Pope Urban I.

The 17th Pope officiated from 222 to 230. The traditions of his life and work are unsecured. He is said to have been a Roman of noble birth. Allegedly he should have issued a decree that the goblet at the Eucharist (Supper) must always be made of silver or gold. That is why he is often depicted with a goblet he holds in his hands. He is considered patron of the vineyards, the wine, the winemaker and the cooper as well as against drunkenness. frost. thunderstorm and lightning. He was allegedly tortured and beheaded by Emperor Severus Alexander (208-235). His probable date of death is 19 or 25 May, his feast day is celebrated on 25 May. Since he was often confused with the urban of Langres, he has become the only votive saint.

Urban from Heilbronn

There is very little information about a 7th century Urban. He is said to have preached at Heilbronn am Neckar (Baden-Württemberg) and to have taught viticulture. According to legend, he erected a cross around which a vine then wound itself. He is also considered a winemaker, his feast day is also the 25th of May.

Urban from Langres

The holy Urban of Langres (+ 375) was Bishop of Autun and Langres in the Burgundy, He is of the three urban bans the most famous or "true" saint of saints. In Dijon he is said to have built the first church; here is his grave. In 1524 his relics were transferred to the church of St. Benignus. According to legend, he hid from his pursuers for weeks behind a vine until he was caught and martyred. In depictions, therefore, he not only holds a grape, but often a whole vine with grapes in his hands. He is patron of Dijon and Langes, as well as the winemaker and gardener. His feast day is April 2 (according to other sources also April 3 or January 23), where wine tastings often include prayer processions. In Franconia his statue is doused with wine when the sun is shining, and with water when it rains. Despite the commemoration day in April (or January), the calendar quotes refer to the 25th of May.

St. Urban of Langres


The so-called Urbanitag is the 25th of May, for which an extensive tradition as for example "Urbanireiten" is handed down. Which of the three above saints is celebrated on this day depends on the wine region. On this day, the payouts for the vineyard workers were made earlier. Furthermore, it was common for the owner to convince himself by a "field ride" of how his tenant had worked. Only from this time on the tenant belonged to the harvest. The Urban Day falls in the time of blossom or is the first big festival after the so-called Eisheiligen (Ice men), an important time for the prosperity of the vines. He is an example of the many Traditions in viticulture, There are also numerous Bauernregeln on the Lostag 25. May:

1) The weather at St. Urban, indicates the autumn weather

2) If there is sunshine on the day of the day, the wine grows according to old Sag; but when it rains nothing is blessed

3) As the weather on St. Urban, it is 20 day order

4) St. Urban wet, nothing brings in the barrel

5) O holy Urban, bring us comfort! Give us this year a lot of noble must

6) The weather that Urbanus has, also at the harvest takes place .

In the event that the weather was rainy and bad for Urbani despite all the processions and prayers, the saint was even "threatened", or rather poured his statue with water instead of water:

7) If Urban is not good weather, he will be escorted into the puddle

8) Since Saint Urban, drink water, we can not do anything else .

Picture right: By Maulaff , CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link
Picture left: Sulmtal-Sausal - Südsteiermark

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