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Vitis rupestris

One of about 30 American species or Wild vines with complete botanical name Vitis rupestris Scheele . It was first described in 1848 by the botanist Georg Heinrich Adolf Scheele (1808-1864), who is also immortalized in the name for this reason. Together with the two species Vitis acerifolia and Vitis riparia she forms the group Ripariae. It is also known as Rock Grape or Sand Grape , as well as Beach Grape, Bush Grape, Currant Grape, Ingar Grape, July Grape, Mountain Grape, Rock Grape, Sand Grape and Sugar Grape.

The vine is found mainly in the temperate, warm areas of the southwestern United States in treeless prairies. These are above all the states Arkansas. Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky. Louisiana. Mississippi. Missouri. New Mexico. Oklahoma. Tennessee and Texas, It is in contrast to other wild vines no climbing plant, has a high light and heat requirement and grows as a small bush mainly on dry sand, gravel and gravel soils along mountain rivers, as well as in dried river beds.

Shoots or leaves of Vitis rupestris

The vine is resistant against both mildews, heat tolerant, but sensitive to drought, frost and lime soils. Resistance to the phylloxera is excellent - very good against Nodositäten and good against tuberosities, It develops a deep root system. The vine yields simple wines without Foxton (Strawberry flavor), therefore it is indeed because of their other positive qualities for Keltersorten, but especially for the crossing of documents used. The best known are among others 110 judges. 1103 Paulsen. 140 ruggeri. 3309 Couderc and the infamous AxR 1,

New varieties with Vitis rupestris genes are Alicante Ganzin. America. Aramon du Gard. Bellandais. Breidecker. Cabernet Cantor. Calastra. Chambourcin. Chancellor. chelois. Couderc Noir. Decora. Flot Rouge. Garonnet. Johanniter. La Crosse. Landal Noir. Landot Noir. Lanka. Maréchal Joffre. Merzling. Munson. Phoenix. Pinard. Plantet. principal. Rainha. Ravat Blanc. Ravat Noir. Rayon d'Or. reflex. reform. regent. Rinot. Royalty. Olmo grapes. Seyval blanc. Sirius. Staufer. Taylor. Triomphe d'Alsace. Vidal Blanc. Villard Blanc. Villard Noir. vivarais. Zala Gyöngye, See further information under American vines and Vines systematics,

Picture: Von Rosenzweig - Self-photographed , CC BY-SA 3.0 , Link
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