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weather (GB)
temps (F)
tempo atmosferico (I)
tempo (PO)
tiempo atmosférico (ES)
weer (N)

Term for the noticeable, short-term state of the atmosphere at a certain location on the earth's surface, which, among other things, as cloud cover, frost Heat cold humidity. precipitation (Sleet, hail, rain, frost, snow, dew), soil and air temperature, sunshine and wind appears. The weather can change several times a day. This is in contrast to the terms weather conditions (this is the state in a larger area and at a specific time), weather (weather in a certain time period from several days to a certain season, related to a certain area) and climate (All weather conditions over a long period of 30 years). Weather and weather during the growth cycle are a decisive, but hardly influenceable factor in viniculture,

Weather - thunderstorms & lightning and rain

One of the criteria for the suitability of a region for viticulture is the weather as one of the most important for the Weinbauwürdigkeit, See also on the subject under the keywords Bauernregeln. irrigation. soil type. frost. drought. thunderstorm. hail. climate. climate Change. photosynthesis. sunburn and wind,

Weather - frost (late frost) and hail

Frost: André Mégroz Switzerland
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