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weed (GB)
mauvaise herbe (F)
erbacce (I)
maleza (ES)
onkruid (N)
erva (PO)

Colloquial term (also grass weed) for various plants that appear as spontaneous accompanying vegetation in cultivated stands or gardens. They are not cultivated specifically, but arise from the seed potential of the soil or from seed flight. The criterion for "weed" is that such plants with a specifically cultivated crop plant in terms of undesirable competition nutrients. water and kick light. From a nature perspective, there is no weed, even one Rebstock in a rosary is undesirable. Common weeds in viniculture are field mustard, field winch, amaranth, thistle species, common grasshopper, common fumitory, shepherd's purse, burdock herb, knotweed species, dandelion, arrow cress, black nightshade, chickweed and willow-herb. But these can also appear as medicinal herbs or pointer plants. The others give clues by their presence soil type and texture. These are e.g. B. sorrel (acidic soil), black nightshade ( humose, loose soil) and chickweed (good nitrogen supply).

Weed - nettle, dandelion, thistle

Especially young ones vines can be negatively influenced in growth and more and more pests and diseases occur. Of bindweed, Nettle and dandelion can phytoplasmas be transferred and the Blackwood's disease trigger. Excessive weed growth can be too water stress and nitrogen deficiency to lead. Weeds are mostly removed by weeding, mechanically Shredders or through herbicides fought. The form of propagation is important when combating. The root weeds reproduce through root remains, the seed weeds only through seeds. Sustainable success is possible with the seed weeds if they are removed in good time before the seed is released. Field bindweed, goose thistle, common grasshopper and dandelion can only be effectively combated if the roots are excavated. in the Organic viticulture weeds, on the other hand, are an essential part of the ecosystem considered, neutral called "weed" and tolerated to a certain extent today. You can even use certain functions of a part greening like protection from erosion and better walkability.

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