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Term for the im cambium (growth layer beneath the bark) tissue located in higher plants as well Rebstock, The transport of nutrients and water from the roots to the tips of the shoots, The amazing transport speed is half a meter to one meter per hour. A distinction is made between two different, completely separate transport routes. The xylem consists of wide and thick-walled tubes through which the water absorbed by the root hair, with minerals and organic substances dissolved therein, flows upwards. The wood is formed from parts of it. The phloem (sieve part) consists of narrow and thin-walled tubes, which are mainly used to transport the from the plant to the photosynthesis Assimilate (organic molecules) formed.

Guide fabric - wood cross section

Parts of it create the bast or bark, which together form the outermost layer called bark. The medulla rays (also wooden rays) are part of the wood and run through the xylem from the inside of the wooden body to the cambium. This is the thin cell layer in front of the bark, which releases the cells of the bast to the outside as well as the cells of the wood to the inside as the thickness increases. The medulla rays serve the radial supply of the wooden body with water and nutrients from the center (medulla) to the outside (cambium). at table grapes there is the technique of curling of, in which an annular part is removed from the trunk or shoot with the phloem. The leading fabric is also from microorganisms used for distribution in the plants. If infested by the phylloxera at the roots, the lead tissue is severely affected, which makes this pest so dangerous. See also under physiology and Rebstock,

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